Thursday, 21 May 2009


I am the last of the english posers
Dancing in those shiny black loafers
In the ballroom at the end of the pier
Eyeing underage girls, supping plastic beer

Nows the time to make a real stand
Picture the bellboy on the door of the grand
Not gonna take this shit no more
Wasnt born to be no mans whore

Just another one of the small faces
Entered but never at the races
What ever became of the five `o` clock heroes
Hopes transformed into a thousand zeros

To hell with feeding the ducks in the park
Thats where i go when the day turns dark
Where i reflect on my hopes and fears
And what lies ahead in the modern years

Two fingers to your rules and your GCSE`S
I`m a boy, i`m a boy with no possibilities
Yes i`m gonna wear all the best clothes
All those young dudes will folow in their droves

Way i see it i aint got nothing to lose
Time to be free, pass me the blues
Nobody sees me because i`m not there
I wanna be noticed but my heads in the air

A french line cut and a smart blue suit
Im ny imagination i`m looking right cute
Kicking at cans down gum stained pavements
Watching the masses earning extortionate rents

Its the dawn of another brand new day
Morning papers as usual got nothing to say
Mother with child in a distressing sanctuary
Starbucks an angel of modern society

Is this what they mean by thats entertainment
Standing in the dole queue, another claimant
Cosmopolitan tales of a modernist boy
Trendy and cool but unable to employ

Its a new era reflection on todays youth
Emotionally crippled generations thats the truth
In my regardless mood i`ll keep on moving
Shiny black loafers and non stop grooving


  1. really enjoyed this, i love the last two lines that connect with the first two

  2. I think you're really trapped by the rhyme right now, looking at your page! Why not try free verse so that you can really express your ideas - rhymes these days either sound like Dr. Seuss or a rap? (Unless you were going for sort of a British rap sound.)

    I think this could be a really good poem if you took the rhyme part out. There are some really good ideas and phrases but the rhyming is detracting/distracting.