Friday, 12 June 2009


One hundred degrees
Not a cloud to share
Gloss white shore
Spanning unmeasured miles
And baby sand crabs
Playing sideways
Endless games
Of hide and seek

Countless vacant shells
Twisted and curled
Openly closed
Ready for collection
Kicking my way
Through the Arabian sea
Ear phones in
My music and me

Barefooted daydreams
Of meeting the horizon
My lovers grip
Fills my empty palm
A timely intrusion
That I am not
The only mankind
In solitary paradise

As the ravenous waves
Lick with gratitude
Their footprint supper
I continue my task
Lengthening strides
The target ahead
Not just a vision
Beginning to fade

An oasis beyond
I will eventually touch
No fellow man
Has trodden this path
And nor shall he
It is unique
Not for the hordes
Only for me

Following this road
Of uncertaintity
The prize a stamp
Of my love
Unbreakable as long
As I reach my destiny
Cramp bites my calfs
Ignoring with ease

The sun dips
It`s overheated toes
Into the ocean
A welcome relief
The evasive horizon
The love of my life
Both in view
Impossible to reach

The time does come
To retrace
My opposite steps
Immersed in cold thoughts
Of rebounding regrets
I walk briskly alone
Once more
Into tomorrow

Saturday, 30 May 2009


Shocking pink carnation tree
Laid back, lay back
Rampant red hammock swaying
On the porch fo my shack

Turquoise water asleep in the pool
Lay back, stay back
Across the ripple, i`m not sinking
Like a yacht, floatings a knack

Emarald grass as hot as us all
Stay back, stay still
I`m not sinking, dont take me away
From my perch on paradise hill

Polka dot bikini bathing next to me
Stay still , lay still
Straw boater preserving vanity
Please dont sink, stay and chill

Golden days, not for sinking
Lay still, laid back
Garden of colour, a limousine feel
Laid back, under a sunshine attack

Lay back out of the sinking
Laid back, switched off from thinking
This man is insistent
I`m not for the sinking

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Have you ever taken a ride
On a saddle of venison?
Ok, who am i to
Disbelieve in you ?
Was it a bumpy ride
Or was it quite smooth?
Rough to begin until
It founds it`s groove
A good game to play
I would like to say
And even if this is
All so untrue
Be on your way
And good luck to you
He bids me farewell
And grins rather wide
I shall never know
If he actually lied!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Ancient ruins is where the scenario began.
Quite some time has lapsed since there was
any significant sign of life here, any
conversation of worth.
A stump of a church, constructed by hand,
by small people for small people, is all
that remains, although there are further
remains under foot.
Mackenzies and Frasers, laid out side by
side, like grey paving slabs, or perhaps
they are just a reflection of the tomb-
stones, that i take an age dechiphering,
reasons for which, there are none.
Clan warfare, would be what left them
all here, closer in casket than in breath.
Infamous until prematurely slain, maybe
by their now permanent neighbours.
And then a song is heard, a peircingly
cute melody, a song to erase any aging
A perfect interception by a solo Chaffinch,
A rainbow of life, vibrating on a still
attached twig.
Is he serenading me or calling a lover,
searching for company in a remote highland
A photoshop moment, reality strikes a chord,
life and death together as one, fishing
for attention, and both winning their own
individual battles as always.
The Chaffinch now demands fully, all
concentration, as there would appear to
exist a second songster, where is yet
to be seen.
It sounds like an echo, but can that
be possible ?
The church is hollow ( in many ways ),
and incapable of a sound rebound.
There must be a solution, and indeed
it soon becomes apparent, that the
answer lies in an apple!
A very modern apple, no core or shiny
red skin to this particular fruit, not
born to any known tree of nature, but
man made in a factory, an institution
of today`s society, familiar to both
you and me.
An apple I-phone is what has stirred
the feathers of Mr Chaffinch, releasing
tunes from his harmonious throat.
It`s set to I-tunes and is playing a
birdsong cd, as it lays alone under
a hedge, and then i see my Uncle,
sitting on a wall nearby, his smile
as wide as a Loch, as he stares up
into the tree.

Monday, 25 May 2009


I`m a deckchair
Sit down please
Oi! not so rough
I`m only fragile
Thats the way
Lovely and snug
Not like the last
Humungous great ass
Whats that your eating ?
Save some for me
The previous occupant
Only had tea
Here we go again
Another complaint
Not my fault mate
Best that you leave
Or else you must pay
For this awful experience
In front of the sea.

Sunday, 24 May 2009


Whats the point in speech
Why was i given a voice
Nobody listens, not deeply
If they knew me enough
Understood just a little
Their sense of hearing
Would become defunct
I do not need my tongue
What i have to say
Is loud and cutting
The volume up to max
A mute man can see it
But the people who surround
Fail to comprehend at all
My conversation is ineffective
Look deeply at me now
This statement i recite
Is imprinted on my pupils
Can you hear me now
Dont look the other way
Defeating the objective
It may taste uncomfortable
Reality is rarely sweet
All i`m attempting
Is to send a message
That although i can write
Powerfully, emotionally
I`d like you to understand
Exactly how i feel.

Saturday, 23 May 2009


Look dad
Look up
On the hill
Not now son
Please keep still
I see a tractor
Right at the top
Cant look
I`m driving along
I cant see what
It`s balancing on
Lampost down
Windscreen blown
If only dad
Hadn`t of looked
Then he would
Never of known